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TWG External Benching℠

As a component of our overall TalentReady℠ search services, TWG has developed a systematic method of candidate engagement that allows our clients the unique opportunity to build a robust External Bench℠ of talent. Because we take a holistic "talent management" approach to our recruiting efforts, we build strong long term relationships with candidates and trusted partnerships with clients. External Benching℠ includes:


We engage with you and your key leaders to develop a thorough understanding of the succession dynamics driving your need for an External Bench℠. The demographic trends both within your organization as well as your industry as a whole; your competitive position; your anticipated growth and anticipated turnover/future retirements are all components of what we use to create the right platform for External Benching℠.


We work closely with you and your key leaders to help define/refine your anticipated target skill sets and then source and develop a strong and diverse pool of prospects to meet those needs. Through this process, we will ensure that relevant issues related to professional experience; culture fit; relevancy of industries worked in and geographic preference of prospects are all taken into consideration.


After meeting with your key leaders and understanding your anticipated future needs, we pro-actively identify and develop relationships with future managers and leaders on your behalf. We use our proven search methods to evaluate prospects. Once we have identified those individuals who will be important to your future, we actively maintain these relationships so that candidates are ready to move when you are. This process:

•  Creates a strong bench or pool of talent based on your anticipated needs

•  Engages with candidates to keep them "warm" and interested in your company until you are ready to hire

•  Keeps the External Bench℠ "ever-green" so as prospects move off the bench, new prospects are added


Because competition for managerial and leadership talent is on the rise with no end in sight, we work hard to keep your targeted prospects engaged and interested in you for months, and sometimes years. During this process, we keep you routinely informed of any potential risks to their candidacy. Our track record of successfully maintaining a solid External Bench℠ is excellent. When clients need External Benching℠ we perform with process and results. strategically to identify, source and recruit the best available talent for our clients.

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