Additional Transformation Solutions

Third Party Assessment

Leadership Forecast Assessment to Further Minimize Selection Risk

The individual's personality will be interpreted in light of the situational context in which he/she will be asked to perform. This includes the fit with the organizational culture, the expected role and job duties to be performed, and the specific leadership behaviors that will lend themselves to success individually and as a part of a cohesive leadership team. The individual personality, any potential derailers, as well as the individual's motives, values, and preferences will be reflected and highlighted within this context.

On-Boarding Effectiveness both as Individuals and as Members of a Leadership Team:

To Further Maximize Individual Effectiveness and New Team Effectiveness

Assign an experienced executive coach to each new hire. The coach would utilize the Assessment data as well as his/her own assessment capabilities to help the leader to be highly self-aware in order to form/execute a successful "First 90 days" plan.

The tool can also be administered to the internal leadership team members. Leadership team members will receive a detailed report of their assessment results, as well as a 1::1 interpretive feedback session, with the consultant. If desired, an executive coach would also be provided to each internal leadership team member for the purpose of interpreting their Assessment results, with the option to also develop an action plan based upon the learnings.


TWG Strategy Execution and Change Management Leadership

New CEOs and their leadership teams are often asked to implement a new strategy that will profoundly change the company's future trajectory. Strategy Execution (SE) and Change Management Leadership actively align the executive team and engage the organization via a disciplined and methodical approach to strategic change.


Keys to successful strategy execution include:

  • Mindset – Rapidly develop shared clarity around the strategic intent, leadership’s corresponding sponsorship responsibilities, and the crucial role of change agents

  • Methodology – apply a rigorous and systematic process to shape, coordinate, resource, and execute strategic change initiatives

  • Skills – ensure sponsors and change agents master essential Change Management Leadership skills

Our Consulting Expertise integrates:

  • Diagnosis – identify the organization’s current SE strengths and gaps; establish risk baseline and SE measurement; scope SE engagement

  • Triage – craft and implement rapid responses to strategic risks requiring immediate attention

  • Architecture – develop the organization’s internal change execution capability to support current and future strategic change efforts

  • Support — serve as leadership’s SE partner and coach


Strategy Execution and Change Management Leadership help CEOs and their executive teams successfully achieve targeted strategic outcomes, ensure the changes become part of the organization's "DNA," and provide a strong foundation for successful pursuit of future change efforts. The ultimate objective is to deliver sustainable business results beyond just the installation of new processes and systems.


Cost: Pricing - based on Scope of Project